Hello YouTube!

Extra, extra! We’re thrilled to announce the launch of our new YouTube channel. Rembrandt Renovations is stepping into the video-creator realm, sharing our passion for design-build and offering valuable insights into renovating in Vancouver and the North Shore.

Our debut video features Jerome Mens, owner and principal of Rembrandt Renovations. With over two decades of experience, Jerome shares his journey and the joy of seeing homes reimagined. He emphasizes our commitment to value, craftsmanship, and client satisfaction: “I love seeing a house being transformed from the ground up, giving it a second life, and handing the keys over to the client and seeing how happy they are in their new homes.”

Jerome explores the choice faced by homeowners of renovating versus building new, offering practical advice and highlighting several benefits of working with existing structures. With a collection of before and after photos, we showcase the transformative power of renovation, from small updates to complete overhauls.

Join us on our YouTube channel as we explore the renovation process together. Subscribe now and become part of our community of homeowners, enthusiasts, and industry professionals. Let’s uncover the potential of your space and redefine the art of fine living, one project at a time.